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Rega RP10 In Stock


Maple_Leaf Rega_RP10 Rega_logo VPI_Classic_Signature vpi_LOGO

VPI Classic Signature with 3D

Printed Tonearm in Stock.



Brinkmann_Bardo Brinkmann_Logo

Brinkmann Bardo with 10.0 Tonearm In Stock.  Call for Special Pricing.

Bryston_Logo Bryston_4B3

"...it's endowed with muscle; it is quick, dynamic, transparent, and has an iron grip of the frequency extremes but what makes the 4B3 most special is its finesse – able to conjure subtleties that engender realism."


                    - Canada HiFi (NOVO)


$5695 MSRP


Call for a Trade-in Quote Toward Any

New Bryston Product

Bryston 4B Cubed

Christmas_Ornaments Christmas_Tree_Lighter_Version Totem_Sky_Web_Pic copy Totem_Acoustic_Logo

New Totem Sky on Display

Limitless. Boundless. Timeless.


The SKY will make you fly to a whole new level of appreciation. A compact marvel for all types of source mediums, the SKY offers flexibility, livability and lasting acoustic quality. The SKY delivers an ultra-stable performance specifically in critical vocal and definition areas. Slim, trim and visually self-effacing the SKY truly shines with the latest innovations in speaker design. You will be amazed by the ultra-wide spatial performance coming out  from such a compact package.


The SKY is made with unique borosilicate dampening that controls energy release yet keeps the cabinet musically  alive. A specially designed 5-inch driver, long throw characteristics, 3-inch voice coil unit with 500W peak transient capacity delivers a fantastic musical response. The Totem SKY was truly created for an age where value is put on a pure and honest musical rendition. Whether on a table top, in a book-shelf or on a dedicated stand, the Sky is optimized to work beautifully close to rear wall boundaries.