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Graham Phantom III In Stock





Bryston BLP-1 turntable on Display.


Totem Acoustic SKY On Display



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Clearaudio Turntables in Stock

and On Display

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"What we have here is a steal of a high end loudspeaker. At the MSRP, I can confidently call the Sky a game changer." - Anthony Kershaw (Audiophilia:  February 27, 2017)


The New Bryston BP-17 Cubed Preamplifier

Pre-order special:


Customers that place a pre-order for the BP-17³ by August 31st will qualify for one optional accessory at no additional cost: Choose from an internal MM phono stage, internal DAC or BR-2 remote control.


* Balanced and Single Ended Inputs and               Outputs

* Fully discrete Class A analog circuitry

* The patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers

* XLR pair configurable as variable or fixed output (compatibility with the BHA-1)

* Independent power supply and ground paths for analog and digital circuits.

* Relay switching on all inputs

* Programmable pass through feature

* Software control and balanced action volume control

$3995 MSRP.