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While embodying the long established company philosophy of no compromise acoustic performance, the Glenair brings a fresh and modern styling approach to the Tannoy Prestige range. Utilising the proven acoustic benefits of a trapezoidal cabinet design, Glenair bears all the hallmarks of bespoke loudspeaker craftsmanship but with a more contemporary feel.


Plywood manufactured from birch grown in slow-growing cold regions of the world and selected for its denser quality is used for the main structure of the speaker cabinet. The combination of heavily damped material, comprehensive internal bracing and non-parallel side panels alleviate the problems associated with standing waves, ensuring that the loudspeaker is free from unwanted resonance.


Externally the cabinet is finely crafted with American Cherry veneer and solid wood mouldings hand finished and polished to an unsurpassed standard. No unsightly retaining lugs spoil the clean lines of the speaker’s front panel when the curved, acoustically transparent grille is removed; this thanks to the cleverly designed magnetised fixing method within the baffle structure.




Glenair 15