Brinkmann Edison MkII Phono Stage - TRADE-IN

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Trade-in Brinkmann Edison Mk2 tube hybrid phono stage.  Gorgeous midrange, excellent transparency and dynamics.  Originally a Mk1 factory upgraded to Mk2 status in 2019.  Mono function on this unit is a bit noisy but otherwise functionally excellent.  Includes original box and granite base. 1-833-527-3336.


Music lovers who own multiple tonearms and cartridges will find that Edison includes every feature imaginable. Three Balanced RCA inputs, two of which also feature XLR connection, accommodate the most elaborate systems. Each input is independently adjustable for gain (16 steps from 49 - 73 dB) and impedance (12 steps from 50 - 47k Ohms).  

Adding selectable mono/stereo, phase/invert and a 1:1 input transformer of superb quality, Edison provides a level of fine-tuning unsurpassed by any other phono stage. A remote handset maximizes user convenience.

Brinkmann Edison


Features Switches for input transformer, mono/stereo, phase/invert., remote control
  Input impedance and gain individually adjustable for each input.
Inputs 3 total. 2 RCA/XLR, 1 RCA
Gain Adjustable (in 16 steps) from 49 to 73 dB
Input Impedance Adjustable (in 12 steps) from 50 Ohms to 47k Ohms
Output voltage Maximum ± 8V Balanced
Output impedance 1k Ohm Balanced
Dimensions (WxHxD) 420 x 95 x 310 mm (with granite base); power supply 120 x 80 x 160 mm
Weight Edison, 12 kg; Granite Base, 12 kg; Power Supply, 3.2 kg

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