Hana EH Moving Coil Cartridge

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Open box Hana EH high output moving coil cartridge.  Static display.  Includes original box.  1-833-527-3336.


The Hana EH high-output moving coil cartridge represents the best way to upgrade from “starter” MM cartridges that typically come packaged with most entry-level turntables. Weighing in at only 5 grams, and possessing great tracking ability, the Hana EH cartridge’s distinctive moss green body houses a special cross-coil generator, reproducing great bass and dynamics. The elliptical stylus mounted to an aluminum cantilever easily extracts the music in the groove as it effortlessly traces you LPs.

The EH is plug-and-play compatible with MM phono stages found in integrated amplifiers and AV receivers. 

Channel Separation25dB/1kHz
Warranty2 years
Cartridge Weight5g
Body ColorMoss Green
StylusSynthetic Elliptical
Output Balance<2dB/1 KHz
Output Level2mv/1kHz
Trackability70 µm/2g
Vertical Tracking Force2g
Suggested Load Impedance>47kΩ
Frequency Response15-25,000Hz

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