Harmonic Resolution Systems ADH Record Weight - B-Stock

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B-Stock HRS ADH 850 gram record weight.  1-833-527-3336.



The HRS Analog Disk record weight is a highly innovative design that eliminates record groove noise revealing a new level of musical performance. It is manufactured from a proprietary HRS polymer and billet-machined precise primary metallic part bonded together using a precision transfer mold with less than one thousandth of an inch tolerance for perfect alignment and balance. The weight and final polymer properties are based on years of development tests.

The Analog Disk Light (ADL), with a 315 gram mass, is design to be used with a very wide range of turntable designs including low mass and suspension turntable designs.  The Analog Disk Light, with its primary metal part manufactured from a high quality heat treated aluminum alloy, is available in ADL-B (Black Finish) and ADL-S (Silver Finish).  Both the black and silver versions of the ADL are identical in performance.

The Analog Disk Heavy (ADH), with a 850 gram mass, is specifically designed to used with mid to high mass turntable designs (approx 15 lb platter and higher).  The Analog Disk Heavy, with its primary metal part manufactured from a non-magnetic stainless steel alloy, is only available in a natural stainless steel finish.


  • Weight & size optimized to properly couple record to turntable platter.
  • Scalloped geometry provides secure record changes
  • Precise individually finished and measured fit with spindle diameter to maximize performance of design.
  • Proprietary polymer decouples record weight from spindle
  • Precision transfer molding process for precise balance and alignment
  • Cost effective design for exceptional value

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