Harmonic Resolution Systems R3X 1921 Isolation Base - B-Stock

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HRS R3X isolation base.  19 x 21 inches.  B-stock unit at great savings.  Green rating for gear between 60 and 100 lbs.  Beautifully made, unit itself is approximately 30 lbs. Includes original box. 1-833-527-3336.


Product Features

The R3X Isolation Base is a highly innovative design that eliminates noise, revealing a new level of musical performance. The R3X is  manufactured from five different materials including a proprietary resonance control stage and billet-machined aircraft aluminum trim. The R3X Isolation Base is initially configured at HRS to optimize the performance of a specific component and can be changed in your home to optimize the performance of a different component at any time.

The R3X Isolation Base is constructed with a CNC machined non-resonant core with strategically placed internal pockets that contain internal decoupled high mass damping systems for energy dissipation. The top and bottom plates are manufactured from custom pressed HRS resin fabric composite. The top surface of the high-density plinth also has a scratch-resistant coating applied to the outer surface to preserve finish integrity. Encompassing the R3X perimeter is a billet-machined heat-treated aluminum alloy stiffening trim which is finished to exacting HRS standards for cosmetic elegance.  The low-profile (3-inch height) also minimizes space requirements and keeps the visual focus of your system on the components you have selected. 

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