Kharma Elegance dB7 Floor Standers in Pearl White - SOLD
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SOLD - Trade-in pair of Kharma Elegance Series Double Seven (dB-7) floor standers in gorgeous pearl white finish.  Grilles never taken out of the packaging.  Originally purchased from our shop approximately 4.5 years ago.

With a full pallet of different kinds of technological improvements and detailed knowledge, the Elegance dB7 / dB7-S has been created as a renewed Dutch masterpiece.

The Elegance dB7 / dB7-S is known as the successor of the Ceramique 3.2 FE, which was introduced in 1998. The 3.2 FE has been improved in many detailed fields, including the drivers, connectors and internal cabling. Due to the compact size of the Elegance dB7 / dB7-S, the bass produced is even more impressive. Combining these technological improvements with an elegant design and detailed trimmings, makes the dB7 / dB7-S easily blend in every living room.


  • System: 2-way
  • RMS power: 150 Watt
  • Program power: 300 Watt
  • Frequency range: 29 Hz - 30 kHz
  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Efficiency 2.83V/1m
  • 88 dB: Maximum SPL: 110 dB

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