LFD Hybrid Ribbon 3 Meter Speaker Cables - NEW IN STOCK
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LFD Hybrid Ribbon 3M speaker cables. Brand new. Incredible value. Gorgeous mids and excellent extension at the frequency extremes. Pictured is our demo for reference.

This cable uses PC-OCC multistrand and LC-OFC ribbon that is relatively expensive and labour cost is high (it’s a pain to make), but it’s the only way I have found to make a really good sounding single wired speaker cable. The Z plugs sound the best, and I do not know what other connector would work. I have been trying to manufacture this super single wired speaker cable from copper for nearly 10 years. The LC-OFC ribbon gives the very good bass and the PC-OCC multistrand gives a nice midband/top, either cable made as a single wired speaker cable have issues at the top end or the bass. It might be a mad idea, but it works, it is really comparable (not the same) with my reference silver speaker cable, at a lower price. If you have a name for the cable, I would be interested, I have only come up with hybrid RM.

Richard Bews

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