Pathos Acoustics Synapse Preamp - TRADE-IN

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Trade-in Pathos Acoustics Synapse preamplifier with remote.  XLR and RCA inputs and XLR outputs.  Uses 4 x 6H30 tubes.  Auditions welcome.   1-833-527-3336


Two stage preamplifier, zero feedback, entirely bi-monoaural with dual power supply, dual line stage, dual control signals, dual grounding, entirely optocoupled digital signal controls with separate grounding, hybrid differential line stage with dual transistor, triodes and MOSFET, direct coupling class A.



Inputs 3 balanced XLR
  3 single ended RCA
Outputs 2 main balanced XLR
Frequency response 1Hz – 100KHz
  (200KHz @ -3dB)
THD 0,04% @ 4 Vrms
Volume control 0,5dB – 168 steps
Tubes 4x 6H30
Dimensions :  
Size 530mm (D) x 430mm (W) x 260mm (H)
Weight 23Kg

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