REGA Aphelion Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
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REGA Aphelion MC cartridge.  Great deal on the original version.  Brand new in stock.  One only.  Replaced by the current Aphelion 2.  1-833-527-3336.


More than 40 years of relentless research, development, and committed endeavors to develop high-performance audio components for a cost less than offered by its peers has led Rega to the Aphelion MC phono cartridge. A third-generation Rega MC cartridge based off the world-renowned Apehta 2, this hand-made piece is fine-tuned to deliver extraordinary levels of detail and dynamics from vinyl LPs while simultaneously proving to be one of the most accurate trackers in the industry. The Stereophile Class B Recommended Aphelion features a new boron cantilever for added stiffness, the world's most powerful miniaturized neodymium magnet, and a meticulously hand-wound coil on an iron micro cross that measures 50 percent smaller than the original design. Comprising one of the smallest MC generators ever made, this combination allows for a weight reduction responsible for this cartridge's exceptional tracking prowess and ability to extract the most finite details from grooves. In addition, Aphelion's diamond "Vital" profile stylus is rotated 90 degrees to enhance the rigidity of the mount. 

“This MC is designed to measure the bumps in the groove with maximum precision and deliver a signal that is a very accurate representation, so much so that you will find it hard to tear yourself away. If you want to hear the true nature of your record collection there are few better tools for the job.”

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