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Classic HF

A purpose-designed electrical digital interconnect cable, Classic HF uses Siltech’s superb G7 silver-gold conductors for maximum signal integrity. It is available with Siltech RCA, BNC, XLR or SST connectors.

DESCRIPTION Based on our legendary Classic Series, Classic Anniversary was launched to celebrate Siltech’s twenty fifth anniversary. Designed to give class-leading sonic performance at an affordable price, the range offers exceptional value for money. This elevated performance is largely thanks to our superlative G7 silver-gold alloy conductors, used in twisted, twin coaxial layout, plus special shielding to minimise electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise. The result is an exceptionally quiet cable – and less noise means more of your music. Superior build quality bakes in their performance over a prolonged period of time. All Siltech cables are manufactured at our factory in The Netherlands to exacting standards, and built to last. With four interconnects, three loudspeaker cables, a power lead and a suite of digital cables, there’s a model to suit every requirement.


Metallurgy:   Pure silver-gold alloy
Construction:   Twisted pair
Insulators:   Teflon & Super shielding
Cores:   2

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