Siltech Royal Signature Emperor II 2.5M Speaker Cables - DEMO
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Demo pair of Siltech Royal Signature Emperor II 2.5M bi-wire speaker cables with spade termination.  Includes original box and certificate fo authenticity.  Clear with confidence from an authorized Siltech retailer.  Interesting trades considered.

Emperor II

The Royal Signature speaker cable range’s middle model uses Siltech’s pure G7 solid silver-gold conductors in star quad formation, plus a superb shielding package to deliver stunning sound. It comes with a choice of WBT0610 Ag banana plugs or Siltech SSP005AM spade connectors.


Metallurgy:   Pure silver-gold alloy
Construction:   Star quad
Insulators:   Kapton, PEEK, Teflon & Wide-range shielding
Cores:   4

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