Siltech Explorer 180iX 2M XLR Interconnects

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Explorer Series

Siltech Explorer 180iX 2M XLR interconnects.    1-833-527-3336.


Although best known for high end cables, Siltech believes that our products should be as widely attainable as possible. Explorer is the entry-level series, sitting below the Classic Anniversary range. Designed for maximum performance at its price point, this is achieved by using bespoke, ultra high purity copper conductors rather than our high end silver type. The result is a smooth, open and enjoyable sound that’s ideal for all hi-fi systems.


Explorer 180iX

Siltech’s entry-level balanced interconnect uses a twisted pair of high purity monocrystal copper conductors, and is terminated with Neutrik XLR connectors with gold plated contact pins.




Metallurgy:   Monocrystal copper
Construction:   Twisted coaxial pair
Insulators:   Kapton, Teflon & Super shielding
Cores:   2

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