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Totem Acoustic Bison Twin Tower available for in-store audition.  1-833-527-3336.


Powerful Yet Graceful

This made-in-Canada flagship Bison Twin Tower is a stunning result of our continued evolution of expertise in loudspeaker engineering. Designed to allow listeners to truly experience the full-scale of musical vistas, this speaker is so immersive that you will get completely lost in the music. It pairs well with a broad array of electronics and when used with a well-designed amplifier, it will provide a world-class sonic experience that will satisfy the most discerning tastes.

The Bison Twin Tower combines two high-performance woofers that operate in the same frequency domain, allowing them to provide a lush, thick midrange and the ever-important bass fullness, which is unique in the floorstanding speaker category. Thanks to carefully selected components, custom driver development and evolved hard-wired crossovers, this tower manages to achieve symbiotic, synergistic and remarkably musical relationships between all of its interconnected parts.

Prepare to be blown away by the Bison Twin Tower.

Design Highlights

• Custom engineered 5.25 inch drivers
• Custom engineered 1.3 inch tweeter
• Handmade crossovers
• Artisanal cabinet construction
• Exclusive decoupling Claw feet
• Available in White Oak, Satin White and Black Ash
• Magnetic Grilles


Ported 2-Way Tower Speaker
1.3 in /33 mm Laser Etched Textile Soft Dome
5.25 in / 133.35mm Copper Clad Voice Coil
4 OHm
90 db
Frequency Response:
31 Hz to 29.9 kHz ± 3 dB
Recommended Power:
Crossover Frequency:
2.5 kHz (second order)
Speaker Terminals:
4 way Bi-Wire-able
Break in Time:
70-100 hours
Placement (from rear wall):
1 - 3ft/ 304.8 - 914.4mm
Placement (in between):
4ft – 12ft / 1219.2 – 3657.6mm


187mm / 7.362in
975mm / 38.386in and 989mm/38.937 in (with Claws installed)
260mm / 10.236in and 270mm / 10.630in (with Grill Installed)

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