VPI ADS Speed Controller Drive System - Special Pricing

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VPI ADS Speed Controller Drive System.  New in stock. One only at special pricing. 1-833-527-3336.


"I was simply blown away when auditioning the ADS versus the SDS. It is noticeably quieter and so much smoother during playback. I personally prefer analog, and there is no digital in this new design. In rigorous testing, our analog oscillators maintain their set-point over weeks without drift, with measurement resolution of +/-0.01Hz / .0003%. In other words, dead-on-accurate. The sine wave produced by the ADS is perfect, the noise level is extremely low, the drive current is very powerful. It has brought my personal Avenger one step closer to my Ampex ATR-102 reel-to-reel machine." – Harry Weisfeld, founder, VPI Industries.


Technical Specifications

Line Voltage115/230 VAC Factory Set

Line Frequency50/60Hz

Line Fuse1 amp (Slo-Blo)

Output Voltage115/230 VAC Factory Set

Start Voltage120/240 VAC

Run Voltage90/180 VAC

Output Frequency50Hz/60Hz Factory Set

Output Frequency Range60 Hz Center Detent: 60Hz @33 RPM & 81Hz@ 45 RPM50Hz Center Detent: 50Hz @33 RPM & 68Hz@ 45 RPM

Control Range+/- 3Hz

Output Power15W

Dimensions16” X 4” X 12”


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