Mark Levinson No.515 Turntable - DEMO UNIT

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Mark Levinson No.515 Precision Turntable with 3D Printed Tonearm - Great deal on our store demo unit.  Priced without cartridge.  Numerous options available.  Interesting trades considered.  1-833-527-3336.


Exceptionally Quiet Design

To capture even the most subtle nuances of the recording and ensure you hear every note, the № 515’s high-torque AC synchronous motor is housed in a mechanically separate enclosure. This, combined with integrated motor electronics and a unique triple-belt drive system, keeps motor vibrations from entering the audio signal, so all that you hear is the record.

3D-Printed Tonearm

To protect your record collection and deliver optimal performance, the № 515 features a 3D-printed tonearm with integral headshell, a stainless-steel counterweight and discrete internal cartridge lead routing. Mounted to a rigid machined aluminum arm base, the tonearm can be easily adjusted to prevent your records from experiencing wear or damage.

Uncompromised Support

To maintain the accuracy of the recording, the chassis of the № 515 is supported by aluminum, vibration-damping feet, each with a polymer core. The platter, machined from 18 pounds of solid aluminum, rotates on an inverted bearing that guarantees maximum rotational accuracy. As a result, the № 515 minimizes interference from external vibrations, so you hear nothing but your music.


* First-class analog source designed for the Pure Phono stage found in the № 523, № 526 and № 585.5 preamplifiers
* Custom gimbal-mounted, 3D-printed tonearm with integral headshell 
* Designed and handcrafted in the USA

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