Nagra 70th Anniversary Collection Double LP

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Double LP

Nagra 70th Anniversary 45 RPM double LP collection.  From original analogue masters.  IN STOCK.  In-store only.




Naga 70th Year Anniversary Collection Album

200-gram 45 RPM double LP

Cut by Bernie Grundman AAA all-analog from the master tapes

Plated by Master Craft and pressed at Le Vinylist Quebec

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Naga products is introducing its 70th Anniversary 45 RPM double LP with lacquers cut by famed mastering engineer Bernie Grundman from the original masters.

The set is pure analog from analog master tapes. The LPs feature tracks from Bill Evans, Louis Armstrong, Monty Alexander, and Buddy Tate, along with some amazing audiophile tracks recorded on the legendary Nagra IV-S tape machine.

Naga hifi products are designed and manufactured by Audio Technology Switzerland in the Lake Geneva region. Naga's products cover high-end hi-fi equipment and professional audio recorders.



Side A
1. Bill Evans
Album: Some other time, Track: Very Early
2. Piltch And Davis
Album: Take One, Track: Horizontal Blue

Side B
3. Budy Tate
Album: I cry for you, Track: Stardust
4.Louis Armstrong
Album: Now you has Jazz, C est si bon
5. Marleve Ver Planck
Album: I think of you with Every Breath I take, Deep In A Dream.

Side C
6. Dave Brubeck
Album: The L.A. Network Redux, Take 5
7. Monty Alexander Trio
Album: Love you Madly, Samba de Orfeu
8. Matthieu Latour Reference Drum Track
Recorded by Matthieu Latour

Side D
9. Marc Valle Trio
Cameleon, recorded by Rene Laflamme
10. Histoire Du Soldat
Recorded by Rene Laflamme
11. Trio De Curda
Oblivion, recorded by Rene Laflamme

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