Rega ELICIT-R Integrated Amp with MM Phono - NEW IN STOCK

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New In Stock.  Features MM phono input and pre-out.  Special pricing at $700 off. One only.  Recently replaced by the Elicit Mk5.  1-833-527-3336.


Providing 127 W per Channel into 6 Ω, you will never be short of power. The Elicit-R combines a FET discrete line level pre-amp and programmable stepped attenuator volume control,ensuring greater levels of performance. The MM phono can be switched to a line level input.

The Perfect Blend of Power and Control

Combined with FET discrete line level pre-amplifiers and a programmable stepped attenuator volume control, the Elicit-R promises greater levels of performance and control over the delivery of power. The Elicit-R is supplied with the new Solaris system remote handset offering full control over this and all of the current range of electronics.


  • 105 W per channel into 8 Ω
  • 5 line inputs (4+ Switchable MM)
  • Integrated high spec MM phono stage
  • Solaris system remote
  • Direct input
  • Record out
  • Pre-amp out
  • DC protection and thermal cut out

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