Siltech Royal Signature Queen 2M XLR Interconnects - TRADE-IN

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Trade-in pair of Siltech Royal Signature Queen 2M XLR interconnects.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.  Originally purchased from our shop.  Approximately 3 years old.  Interesting trades considered.  1-833-527-3336.



Siltech Royal Signature Queen

One up from the entry-level in the Royal Signature interconnect range, Queen uses Siltech’s pure G7 solid silver-gold conductors and a sophisticated shielding package to deliver exceptional performance. It comes in either unbalanced configuration with RCA phono plugs (SST silver or gold) or balanced XLR (with Neutrik nickel) plugs.


Metallurgy:   Pure silver-gold alloy
Construction:   Twisted pair
Insulators:   Kapton, PEEK, Teflon & Wide-range shielding
Cores:   2

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