Nordost Valhalla 2 Digital Cable

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Our store demo Nordost Valhalla 2 1.25M BNC digital cable. Includes BNC to RCA adaptors.  Interesting trades considered.  1-833-527-3336.



Digital signals are subject to extremely precise transmission and termination standards. Ensuring that your digital cables meet those standards is vital to achieving the best possible performance from high-resolution digital systems. Valhalla 2 Digital Interconnects employs our advanced Dual Mono-Filament construction to mechanically dampen its silver-plated, solid copper conductors, while also reducing dielectric contact by over 85%.   

In order to achieve exact impedance matching, Nordost’s Valhalla 2 Digital leads offer a double layer of silver shielding. The 75 Ohm cable is terminated with gold-plated HOLO:PLUG® BNC connectors for correct impedance matching and is supplied with gold-plated RCA adapters, while the 110 Ohm cable uses gold-plated HOLO:PLUG® XLR connectors. Ensuring that they have the minimum effect on the digital signal, our HOLO:PLUG® connectors are designed to enhance sonic properties and maintain constant impedance throughout each cable.



Insulation:  High purity class 1.1 extruded Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction:  Mechanically tuned length and Dual Mono-Filament, Co-axial design 
Conductors:  1 x 16 AWG
Material:  Silver-plated 99.999999% solid core OFC
Capacitance:  15.3pF/ft
Impedance:  75 Ohm
Overall Shield Coverage:  98% Total coverage with 2 layers of silver-plated shielding
Velocity of Propagation:  89%
Termination:  Gold-plated true 75 Ohm HOLO:PLUG® BNC. Gold-plated BNC to RCA adapter included.

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